[Pug]: incompatibility with Pug ?

This issue has been tracked since 2020-08-05.

Using Pug to write component templates doesn't seem to work.
In a working application, replacing html markup with pug syntax displays nothing.

Might be due to Pug markup being wrapped inside a template tag ?

quantuminformation wrote this answer on 2020-08-05

I don't think this lib is in active maintenance atm. Probably needs a core team or something. I still use it as it works fine for my needs.

EmilTholin wrote this answer on 2020-12-31

Hi @lambda0xff!

Could you provide a minmal reproducible example that I could ideally just clone and npm install && npm start to try?

lambda0xff wrote this answer on 2021-01-01

That was a while ago and I ended up using another framework altogether.

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