Navigate has bugs for me.

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I have a nest Router. I am using firebase authentication to verify if the user is signed in. The url will change in browser but the page will not change. I can tell the route exist because I can click the refresh button and I can see the actual page. I can traverse the routes well with the via href but navigate has buggy behavior.

const unsubscribe = userStore.subscribe(user => {
    if (!user) {
      navigate("/auth/login/", {replace: "true"});
    } else if (!isOnboardingComplete) {
      navigate("/auth/onboard/", {replace: "true"});

Also on that page, I am rendering and image dynamically, and it does not show when using navigate() either. Any advice?

        class="absolute top-0 w-full h-full bg-gray-900 bg-no-repeat bg-full"
        style="background-image: url({registerBg2});"

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