Not specifying path for Route for getting a unique error page does not work

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Hello! I wanted to create a custom 404 page to show. I saw about three issues on this topic there and all of them suggested to do not include "path" for the last Route element.
Here's my project structure:
And here's App.svelte:
As you can see, the NotFound route is located on the bottom, and the home page is located on the top.
When I go to /, i get a normal page:
But when I try to cause a 404, i just get a standart 404 error from google (sorry for russian)
Maybe I'm blind, or maybe it wasn't fixed. Any ideas? 😅

atsepkov wrote this answer on 2021-03-08

Just ran into a similar issue myself, the README doesn't seem to do a good job explaining this but you can use wildcards in routes. Change your last route to <Route path='*' component="{NotFound}" /> and it should work.

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