Possible to preventDefault?

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Hello, I'm having a large form and want users to confirm when they navigate away without saving.

Is it possible? I tried something like this without success:

function handleClick(e) {
    const choice = window.confirm('Leave?');
    if (choice) navigate('/');

<a use:link href="/" on:click|preventDefault={handleClick}>Home</a>
timohausmann wrote this answer on 2021-06-19

Ah, figured out a solution:

<a use:link href="/" on:click|capture|preventDefault={handleClick}>Home</a>

This is also working:

function handleClick(e) {
    const choice = window.confirm('Leave?');
    if (!choice) e.preventDefault();

<a use:link class="navbar-item" href="/" on:click|capture={handleClick}>Home</a>
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