How can i watch for route change in app.js

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Hey there,
thank you for this awesome Router. In a current Project i need to be able to watch for route changes globally, so i need to have a function in app.js wich checks if a Route has been changed. Currently i see no possible Solution, are there any?

amorfati254 wrote this answer on 2022-10-17

Hey there, did you find solution to this problem?

julianlaibach wrote this answer on 2022-10-17

Hey @amorfati254 sure! I did the following:

in your main JS File in my case: app.js i have the following Lines:

import {route} from "./stores/route"

addEventListener("popstate", function (e) {

const onRouteChanged = () => {
    scrollTo(0, 0)

Then i created a route store with the following Lines:

import { writable } from 'svelte/store'

export const route = writable()

Now you can do:

route.subscribe(route => {

Hope this is helpful!

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