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It would be great if Linen could federate with Matrix (similar to how email clients work together) so I can use any client I want, instead of being forced to use your client.

meedstrom wrote this answer on 2023-03-07

While we're on that topic, I'm sure a lot of people would be curious to see a README blurb about why Linen wasn't built on Matrix in the first place.

cheeseblubber wrote this answer on 2023-03-07

Originally it started out as a project to only make Slack Google searchable and it was quick to build out

We then evolved it to it's own platform here:

We are probably going to have our own matrix bridge in Linen but there are a few features that matrix doesn't have that we do.

  • Discord Forum support
  • Moving messages between threads and channels (You can do via drag and drop)
  • Open/Close states
  • 2 way Github issues sync - We can send messages to Github and vise versa
  • Mark as resolution

Going forward we'll probably add the following features:

  • Labels, assignments
  • Custom view types (Forum view/Blog view/Support view)

If we were building on matrix we wouldn't be able to build these features.

The end goal of Linen is to become more than a chat client. We want to bring all the benefits of a forum and chat in one hence the Search-engine friendliness.

I'll be sure to add and improve the readme on some of the end vision of Linen

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