Example/Document Request: How to catch 'errorMsg' if cy.waitUntil() exceeds 'timeout'?

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Using npm module cypress-wait-until, is there a way to catch errorMsg if cy.waitUntil() has completed all possible intervals and exceeded timeout? Thereby, providing a point of failure.

Example code waiting for an entry to be found in a log. Custom command cy.cmdLogVerify() returns an object if entry was found in log, otherwise if not found then returns null. If all attempts by cy.waitUntil() fail return object, then how to catch and isolate this failure?:

    cy.waitUntil(() => cy.cmdLogVerify().then($entryLog => cy.wrap($entryLog)), {
      errorMsg: 'ERROR: Not found in Logs',
      timeout: 20000, // waits up to 20000 ms, default to 5000
      interval: 2000, // performs the check every 2000 ms, default to 200
      verbose: true,
      customCheckMessage: 'CHECK: View Logs'
    }).then($entryLog => {
NoriSte wrote this answer on 2022-01-08

Hi @jeff00seattle
I intentionally don't don't expose anything similar, please take a look at #128 and feel free to re-open this issue if you wish to 😊

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