Question: can I waitUntil multiple elements appear?

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When saving a record, multiple separate messages are displayed. Currently I have this:

        let messageArr = messages.split(",");
        cy.get('.noty_message').should('have.length', messageArr.length).each(($ele) => {
            //validate that all messages have been displayed.
NoriSte wrote this answer on 2022-06-30

Hey Barton
Could you elaborate a bit more on what you tried until now and why it did not work? Something like this does not work?

cy.get('.noty_message').should('have.length', messageArr.length).each(($ele) => {
bartonhammond wrote this answer on 2022-06-30

@NoriSte Yes - you are correct, I didn't need the cy.wait(500). Thanks!

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