Feature Request: Add the ability to filter / limit data returned from "getTopicsAndRawTypes"

This issue has been tracked since 2021-07-20.

Related to #351

The getTopicsAndRawTypes function affords the ability to return all the raw message type descriptions available which is extremely useful but this can result in a huge bundle of data when there are a lot of topics which takes a while to send. It also returns redundant data if multiple topics share a single topic type -- in my case the amount of listed topic types (and therefore message definitions) is more than double what it needs to be and it takes ~13 seconds to receive the message through a localhost connection.

It would be nice if there were a way to filter the topics returned and / or cut down on redundant data included in these messages. Here are a couple API options that come to mind:

  1. Add a topics array option to getTopicsAndRawTypes which limits the topics returned to the ones in the list.
  2. Add a function like getRawType or getRawMessageDescription to return the just the "raw message description" for a single topic name (similar to getTopicType for topic names) so the app can request only the data it needs.

I'm leaning towards options 2 personally but I defer to the maintainers preference. I'm not an expert in ROSBridge or ROSLibjs but I can try to make PR if anyone can give me some guidance.


MatthijsBurgh wrote this answer on 2021-07-28

This library is not really actively developed. Mostly maintained. So If you want new features in this library, please develop these yourself and open a PR.

Though your request is mostly focused on reducing the data that is send. As the data is send by the rosapi node, you should open an issue/PR in that repo. roslibjs is only receiving, so when the data is received, the damage is already done.

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