Subscription leak when disposing TFClient while service request is ongoing

This issue has been tracked since 2021-10-27.

If the TFClient is disposed while a service request to update the TF-republishing is ongoing. Then when the service call callback is called, it will resubscribe to the republished topic. Noone is using the TFClient anymore but it will stay subscribed to the republish topic, preventing the tf2_web_republisher from shutting down that republisher.

Steps To Reproduce

// We want to use the service interface
rosClient.groovyCompatibility = false;

const tfClient = new TFClient({ros: rosClient});
tfClient.subscribe('whatever', () => {})

// Only happens if the dispose call is called during the service call. So this timeout needs luck to hit the correct time. A slow backend is preferable to reproduce this issue.
setTimeout(() => { tfClient.dispose() }, 50)

Expected Behavior
No subscriptions to the republished topic

Actual Behavior
The TFClient subscribes to the topic despite already being disposed.

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