async Service handler fails due to bad result type

This issue has been tracked since 2022-05-19.


  • Library Version: 1.3.0
  • ROS Version:
  • Platform / OS: Ubuntu

Steps To Reproduce
const service = new ROSLIB.Service({
name: '/foo/testing',
serviceType: 'std_srvs/SetBool'

service.advertise(async (req, resp) => {
console.log('req:', req);
resp.success =;
resp.message = passed ${};
return true;

Expected Behavior
rosservice call /foo/testing "data: false"
should output
success: False
message: "passed false"

Actual Behavior
rosservice call hangs
rosbridge reports:
service_response: Expected
\ field result to be one of (<class 'bool'>,). Invalid value: {}"
file: ""

in Service.js, changing _service response to start like this seems to resolve the issue in my small use case:
Service.prototype._serviceResponse = async function(rosbridgeRequest) {
var response = {};
var success = await this._serviceCallback(rosbridgeRequest.args, response);

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