ROSlib not receiving all Logs from /rosout_agg

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I'm using ROSlibjs to subscribe to /rosout_agg and I'm not receiving all the logs. Only level 2 and error logs come through but rostopic echo /rosout_agg echos all the logs. Is this issue from end?

  • Library Version: roslib: ^1.1.0
  • ROS Version: Noetic
  • Platform / OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Steps To Reproduce

var rosout_agg = new ROSLIB.Topic({
                ros: ros,
                name: "/rosout_agg",
                messageType: "rosgraph_msgs/Log"
rosout_agg.subscribe((message) => {
            let today = new Date();
            let date = today.getFullYear() + '-' + (today.getMonth() + 1) + '-' + today.getDate();
            let time = today.getHours() + ":" + today.getMinutes() + ":" + today.getSeconds();
            let dateTime = date + ' ' + time;
            console.log("message", message);
            setLogs([...logs, { date: dateTime, data: message }])
            localStorage.setItem('logs', JSON.stringify(logs))

Expected Behavior

Actual Behavior

MatthijsBurgh wrote this answer on 2022-09-16

With level 2, you mean info level?

You are just using a generic topic. So ROSLIB is not doing any magic there. Try to subscribe to a custom topic on which you just publish manually.

If that fails to work, try the syntax used in the test example,

example.subscribe(function(message) {
if ( === return;
topic1msg = messages1[0];
if (messages1.length) example.publish(topic1msg);
else done();

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