TFClient unified goal_id

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if i was to use ros3djs to visualize a URDF or a 2d map, the TFClient sends a goal to the tf2_web_republisher with a goal_id.

I would like to open the same visualization on multiple tabs or devices, and I don't want the tf2_web_republisher to send the same transforms multiple times only because the goal_id is different. Would it be possible to choose a constant goal_id to reduce the bandwidth of data being published by the tf2_web_republisher.

To get an idea of how bad the bandwidth gets, try the following visualize a URDF tutorial. Monitor the bandwidth on the feedback topic rostopic bw tf2_web_republisher/feedback while refreshing the URDF visualizer tab.

Also, could you update the documentation of the TFClient to show how to cancel a specific goal? I've been using this.TfClient.currentGoal.cancel(); to cancel a specific goal or this.TfClient.actionClient.cancel(); to cancel all goals.

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