Typedoc do not work with PNPM workspaces

This issue has been tracked since 2023-01-21.

PNPM Workspaces require to have pnpm-workspace.yaml file to declare your packages, projects for the monorepo.
It also warns to remove workspace field from root package.json.

After removing workspace field from root package.json, typedoc throws following error

warning Could not determine the entry point for "C:\LOVED\flyte-npm-packages\package.json". Package will be ignored.
error Unable to find any entry points. Make sure TypeDoc can find your tsconfig

It works if workspaces field is present in package.json, but then few of PNPM features do not work

fearless23 wrote this answer on 2023-02-02

Oops, I found the issue for my particular case. I was running typedoc . instead of typedoc. How silly extra dot was causing the issue in the PNPM workspace.

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