Enhancement for `excludeNotDocumented` option

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I have a codebase with large set of non documented functions, classes, e.t.c

  1. If excludeNotDocumented = true I can see only documented classes, functions. But even if a whole class has documentation his properties, methods without docs are hidden.
  2. excludeNotDocumented = false I can see all non-documented properties, methods from documented classes but at the same time I see a rest of non-documented functions, classes which I don't want to include.

Suggested Solution

A mode when class, enum, interface, ... shows all it non documented members if it was documented on top level

Gerrit0 wrote this answer on 2023-02-18

Hmm, this ideally should be configurable at a more granular level, where you can specify what kinds of reflections should be removed by excludeNotDocumented... excludeNotDocumentedKinds isn't a horrible name, having difficulty coming up with something better.

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