Not working in the Safari browser

This issue has been tracked since 2022-09-21.

Describe the bug

The grid does not work in Safari

To Reproduce

  1. Open the link through the Safari browser

Link to code example:

Expected behavior

Should work like other browsers


  • react-data-grid version: 7.0.0-beta.14 (Same issue even in 7.0.0-beta.18)
  • react/react-dom version: 18.1.0

Additional context


leandher wrote this answer on 2022-10-05

Same issue here, any updates?

devnaumov wrote this answer on 2022-10-05

Any updates? Seems like a critical bug

amanmahajan7 wrote this answer on 2022-10-18

Which version of safari are you using?

paustint wrote this answer on 2022-10-24

This works fine in Safari for me with the provided link and from my local project.


csulit wrote this answer on 2022-10-29

Mine is working.

xuyunan wrote this answer on 2022-11-10

Same issue in 钉钉app, any updates?

damnitrahul wrote this answer on 2022-11-14

I see the same issue on Version 14.1.1 (16611.

amanmahajan7 wrote this answer on 2022-12-23

Please ensure you are importing styles.css.
import 'react-data-grid/lib/styles.css';

Also, only latest version of safari is supported.

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