Support for React 16 + 17

This issue has been tracked since 2022-12-12.

Use case

React 18 reached stable less than a year ago. Many projects have legacy dependencies that do not yet claim support for React 18. By removing support for the older (but generally compatible) React versions in #3012, these projects must now take a risk in consuming RDG by ignoring the react>=18 peer requirement.

Proposed solution

Unless there is a change in RDG that truly requires React 18, please re-add support for React 16 and 17 in the package dependencies.

mihbel wrote this answer on 2022-12-24

Agree with @kycutler. We started the project a year ago with React 17. Upgrading to version 18 is now almost impossible. It would be great to get support for React 17 again.

amanmahajan7 wrote this answer on 2022-12-24

RDG uses React 18 APIs so unfortunately older versions are not supported.

amanmahajan7 wrote this answer on 2022-12-24

I am closing this issue for now as it at this point supporting older versions is not possible.

kycutler wrote this answer on 2023-01-07

@amanmahajan7 Can you clarify the APIs that are specific to React 18? flushSync is available in react-dom v16 and v17.

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