Disable focus on the cell in case of clicking outside the table

This issue has been tracked since 2022-12-18.

Use case

I'm working on adding the shortcuts on the item definition page.
The page contains fields and a table for defining item variables.
When focusing on the table and navigating to the fields, the table remains in focus, and this in terms of appearance distracts the user's attention, Also, I use keyboard shortcuts to focus on each field on the page, and the table succeeds in focusing the first time by using: "selectCell({ idx: 0, rowIdx: -1 })"
And continue to move through the cell using the keyboard without resorting to the mouse ...
But if you focus on the table without moving through the cells, then focus on one of the fields, and return to focus on the table using the same values in "idx" & "rowIdx", it will not respond to moving through the keyboard arrows.

Proposed solution

~ A solution might be to define a variable of type boolean to stop focusing on the cell inside the table in case of external pressure

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