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I recently created a new project using analogjs, and wanted to install storybook. After the installation, I could not get storybook to run, it threw a few errors but the error of note was that 'src/types' could not be found on the following line:

{ RequestHeaders as RequestHeaders$1 } from 'src/types';

When I opened node_modules/h3 it seemed like this package was not properly installed. I uninstalled it and storybook ran without any issues. I then reinstalled h3 directly:

npm i h3

This appears to have correctly installed h3, everything builds and resolves as expected in storybook, and on the development server running. I assume there may some type of dependency clash but I wasn't able to pinpoint it. Regardless I wanted to report what I experienced and how I fixed it in the case that someone else runs into this.

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brandonroberts wrote this answer on 2023-02-27

Thanks @jonnycraze. Will you provide a GitHub repo or steps to reproduce the issue?

himyjan wrote this answer on 2023-02-27

analog with storybook v7 beta
using storybook Angular 15 webpack 5 file

h3 type error

yarn create analog
npx [email protected] init
yarn run storybook

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