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Right now, all of the content files must be placed in the content directory like /src/content/*.md in order for injectContent to work.

There may be cases where content needs to be separated. For example, maybe you have blog posts, but also project markdown files for a portfolio page. Something like this would be ideal (in order to make the blog list or project list components easier to write):

└── content/
    └── posts/
    |   └── 2023-01-01-my-post.md
    |   └── 2023-01-12-my-other-post.md
       └── some-awesome-app.md

Could we add another parameter to the injectContent() to accept a prefix? Then update the switchMap to something like this:

switchMap((slug) => {
      const filename = `/src/content/${prefix}${slug}.md`;

Happy to open a PR for this 😄

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brandonroberts wrote this answer on 2023-03-02

Good idea. What about changing the slug argument taking a string | { slug: string, prefix: string }?

BaronVonPerko wrote this answer on 2023-03-02

Yeah, I think that makes more sense. I'll work on that PR 👍

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