Expose host binding info to template diagnostics

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Many a11y checks would be enabled if we could analyze the host bindings of any directives on a node.

This would enable Extended Diagnostics to look at host bindings as well as the static template values, which enables better a11y diagnostics like:

as well as additional context like:

  • checking
    is not used as an interact-able element (as a bad button replacement)
  • invalid nesting (e.g. div inside h2)
  • more!
jelbourn wrote this answer on 2022-09-08

To corroborate: it's super common for components and directives to apply ARIA roles and attributes via host bindings. Without having knowledge of those bindings, we can't surface potential a11y problems without encountering a lot of false positives.

angular-robot[bot] wrote this answer on 2022-09-08

This feature request is now candidate for our backlog! In the next phase, the community has 60 days to upvote. If the request receives more than 20 upvotes, we'll move it to our consideration list.

You can find more details about the feature request process in our documentation.

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