[Feature Request] Currency Pipe: improved digit info options

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A common way to display currencies (at least in US) is to omit the cents if the price is a round number, or to show two digits if the price is not a round number.
For example, for 3 dollars, $3, and for 3.1 dollar, $3.10.

There is no way to accomplish this with the current currency pipe, which only takes a range for the number of digits after the decimal. The only options either make the first price $3.00 and the second $3.10, or the first price $3 and the second $3.1.

Proposed solution

Extend the digitsInfo format. Currently, the format is {minIntegerDigits}.{minFractionDigits}-{maxFractionDigits}.
As an alternative, we could offer {minIntegerDigits}.{allowedFractionDigits1},{allowedFractionDigits2}[,...]. So the digitsInfo for the format above would be 1.0,2.

Alternatives considered

Alternately, one could use an *ngIf to change out the element with the currency, and use two elements, each with a currency pipe to accomplish the above. Obviously, that is kind of messy.

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FonecaBot2 wrote this answer on 2022-09-21

I can start working on this c:

kbrilla wrote this answer on 2022-09-27

I think one soultion would be to create new Pipes based on Intl API

const format = new Intl.NumberFormat("en-US", {style: 'currency', minimumFractionDigits: 2, trailingZeroDisplay: 'stripIfInteger', currency: 'USD'}); 

//  $3
//  $3.10

If not maybe reusing the term trailingZeroDisplay option would be good for the current API
with two values as in Intl API - NumberFormat

trailingZeroDisplay Experimental
A string expressing the strategy for displaying trailing zeros on whole numbers. The default is "auto".

"auto": keep trailing zeros according to minimumFractionDigits and minimumSignificantDigits.
"stripIfInteger": remove the fraction digits if they are all zero. This is the same as auto if any of the fraction digits is non-zero.

as for Intl API there are already polyfills for it here polyfill

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