Provide an API for passing additional data to ngOptimizedImage loaders

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The ngOptimizedImage loader API currently is hardcoded such that the provided loader function only received two data points from the image directive: src and width. This is not flexible enough to support image CDNs with a variety of URL-based image transformations.

The image loader API enhanced should be enhanced to allow users to pass arbitrary attributes through to the loader for use in the construction of image URLs.

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Proposed solution

I'm proposing we allow the user to pass data through to the loader using a special attribute that receives an object with arbitrary payload, and then passes that data along to the loader. This would look something like the following:

<img ngSrc="test.jpg" width="300" height="200" [loaderParams]={ 
  c_crop: true, 
  g_face: true, 
  crop_height: 400, 
  crop_width: 400} >

To keep the template from becoming too unreadable, presumably many developers would opt to define the loader parameters in the TypeScript:

const loaderProps: LoaderProps = {
  c_crop: true, 
  g_face: true, 
  crop_height: 400, 
  crop_width: 400 }

This would require the LoaderProps type to have been defined or imported. The loaderProps could then be consumed as so:

<img ngSrc="test.jpg" width="300" height="200" [loaderParams]=”loaderProps” >

Alternatives considered

I also considered passing additional query parameters in a plain string blob, but the proposed data structure lends itself a lot better to typing the data.

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