DEFAULT_WAIT_DELAY probably too big

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Individual tests are taking too long to complete, and I have to set delay to zero manualy.
Maybe it's better to set this delay to 0 by default?

uhoh-itsmaciek wrote this answer on 2017-01-17

+1. Alternately, is there some way to explicitly indicate to moxios that we expect all the requests to have been made instead of using a timeout? Our (default) mocha setup flags all our axios tests as taking too long, because mocha's slow test threshold is also around 100ms.

uhoh-itsmaciek wrote this answer on 2017-08-15

We ended up dropping moxios because of this. We've moved to mocking our axios calls with testdouble using td.replace and td.when on methods like axios.get. It's not as elegant but it's a lot faster.

hovissimo wrote this answer on 2018-03-26

Please see #48

mzabriskie wrote this answer on 2019-03-21

Fixed with #48

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