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The docs for stubOnce state: "Stub a response to be used one or more times to respond to a request matching a method and a URL or RegExp.".

From the method name I was expected a different behavior, namely that the response would only used once and subsequent requests would fail.

nicosommi wrote this answer on 2018-01-04

As I want to test a retry mechanism and the error handling regarding that, I also found it confusing since I thought that I was covered with that method.

Anyways, if anyone interested, you can do this by actually manipulating the stubs array right on the main moxios instance.


        let obj = moxios.stubs.mostRecent()
        let count = 0
        Object.defineProperty(obj, 'response', {
          get: () => {
            if (count > 1) {
              return { status: 200, response: '' }
            return { status: 500, response: '' }

Or maybe is a better way already to do this.
Otherwise I can prepare a PR for this if maintainers are interested @mzabriskie

anilanar wrote this answer on 2018-05-27

Kamino cloned this issue to anilanar/moxios

mrjacobbloom wrote this answer on 2019-06-06

I assumed this function would let me temporarily override an existing stub in the middle of our test suite. Here was what I did instead, in case it helps anyone else:

function overrideStub(url, response) {
    const l = moxios.stubs.count();
    for (let i = 0; i < l; i++) {
        const stub =
        if (stub.url === url) {
            const oldResponse = stub.response;
            const restoreFunc = (() => stub.response = oldResponse);

            stub.response = response;
            return restoreFunc;

const restoreStub = overrideStub("../api/foo", {
    status: 500,
    response: 'An error occurred : Bar baz.'

moxios.wait(() => {
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