Is this project alive?

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Well... I think the title is enough self-explanatory 😄

ebisbe wrote this answer on 2018-11-08

I think not. I came just here to see if the same question was arisen

elboletaire wrote this answer on 2018-11-08

Yup, I think so too... I guess I'll continue using axios-mock-adapter.

jalcine wrote this answer on 2018-12-03

This project should be archived.

yooouuri wrote this answer on 2019-03-27

6 days ago some PR were merged!

ing200086 wrote this answer on 2019-06-25

Since it has been 3+ months since the last merge.... is there anything you guys use instead?

derat wrote this answer on 2020-02-05

I'd also recommend axios-mock-adapter. It seems to work well, is being actively maintained, has passing tests, and has an interface that makes much more sense to me than moxios's wait() function (which gave me a lot of trouble when trying to handle multiple sequential requests).

kleber-gueriero wrote this answer on 2021-01-05

I also agree with other people saying that this project could be archived, and even that the library "axios-mock-adapter" could be mentioned and recommended in both: this archived project and in axios repository's README itself.

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