can moxios catch request from click event?

This issue has been tracked since 2018-12-14.

when i use redux, and i click a button, call a action, in action, a instance of axios was called, code like this

beforeEach(() => {
    store = configureStore(initialStore)
    wrapper = Enzyme.mount(
        <Provider store={store}>
            <AppInput onChange={updateAppInfo}/>
it('updateAppInfo', (done) => {
        moxios.stubRequest('/app/get', {
            status: 200,
            responseText: 'hello'
        moxios.wait(() => {
            let request = moxios.requests.mostRecent();
                status: 200,
                response: { a: 22 }
            }).then(() => {

updateAppInfo function send a request which url is /app/get,
and as expect, moxios will catch this request,
but i got this error,
TypeError: Cannot read property 'respondWith' of undefined
so i wonder how to fix this?

z2014 wrote this answer on 2018-12-14

ok,i got should call dispatch

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