Stubs for certain request methods?

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I want to add different stubs for GET and POST methods on the same URL.

qs-labs wrote this answer on 2021-04-21

@sezanzeb I myself haven't gotten stubs to work but checkout the declaration for stubRequest, it supports an optional first parameter allowing you to specify the type of axios request.

marcopeg wrote this answer on 2021-06-14

By passing the method as first argument, the request will hang forever :-(

nzwsch wrote this answer on 2021-10-17

This should work.

moxios.stubRequest('/say/hello', {
  method: 'POST',
  status: 200,
  responseText: 'hello',
lior-chervinsky wrote this answer on 2022-05-29

Looks like the /dist folder isn't updated with the latest source code.

Code in dist folder:


Code in index.js:


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