[Bug]scientific number notation is not supported

This issue has been tracked since 2022-07-26.

The title already describes the problem: code like

 log 1e6

throws the following parser error

_hyperscript.min.js:1 hyperscript errors were found on the following element: <script type=​"text/​hyperscript">​…​</script>​ 

 Unexpected Token : e

    log 1e+6

 Error: Unexpected Token : e

    log 1e+6

    at a.raiseParseError (
    at a.raiseParseError (
    at a.parseHyperScript (
    at o.initElement (
    at o.forEach (
    at o.processNode (
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (

Addendum: on the other hand, the following code

    set x to 0.0000000000001 as String
    log x

properly displays 1e-13 which proves that _hyperscript definitely knows that notation!

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