[Bug?] "put <element> at the end of <element>" does not work

This issue has been tracked since 2022-07-30.

within a behavior I'm trying to insert a DOM element into another one, like so

  set :B to the first <div/>
  make a <div/> called :A
  put :A at the end of :B

beep!s show that both :A and :B exist as intended, but the newly created <div/> never appears, nowhere

Note: put :A at the end of #B throws an "Illegal invocation" exception

Illegal invocation
  | console.<computed> | @ | VM3779 about:srcdoc:167
  | e.meta.reject | @ | hyperscript.org:1
  | unifiedExec | @ | hyperscript.org:1
  | execute | @ | hyperscript.org:1
  | execute | @ | hyperscript.org:1
  | a | @ | hyperscript.org:1
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