MAX_QUEUE_LENGTH doesn't seem to apply to `browserless/chrome:1-chrome-stable`

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Describe the bug

I was trying to find out why one URL doesn't render anything, it's a typical SPA or JS-heavy application, So I jumped into the excellent browser debug web interface, I see in the console that I'm getting a 429 error, according to it's possible to increase the amount of room available in the queue

So I tried the following - I'm the only one using the browerless container locally

docker run -e "MAX_CONCURRENT_SESSIONS=10" -e "MAX_QUEUE_LENGTH=1000" -p 3000:3000 --restart always -d --name browserless browserless/chrome:1-chrome-stable

Here is the test code

export default async ({ page }: { page: Page }) => {
  await page.goto(',+nsw/list-1');
  await page.waitForSelector('.nice');

As you can see it doesnt seem to help


(I have the await page.waitForSelector('.nice'); just to make it wait around until the page renders something)

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Docker on Ubuntu Buster
  • Browser Chrome
  • Version :1-chrome-stable

I would expect it to not give me the 429 error right? Do you have any other tips for loading these JS heavy websites?

thanks a lot for the great project!

Debug log attached log.txt

joelgriffith wrote this answer on 2022-05-23

Similar to #2384, this is an issue with the site "bot blocking" you. Let's follow up in [email protected]

dgtlmoon wrote this answer on 2022-10-28

@joelgriffith thanks! :)

dgtlmoon wrote this answer on 2022-10-28

@joelgriffith unsure if it helps, but here in the pressure API it reports that running > maxQueued

curl -s http://browser:3000/pressure|python3 -mjson.tool
    "pressure": {
        "date": 1666950282073,
        "reason": "",
        "message": "",
        "isAvailable": true,
        "queued": 0,
        "recentlyRejected": 0,
        "running": 74,
        "maxConcurrent": 50,
        "maxQueued": 10,
        "cpu": 41,
        "memory": 58


     - PREBOOT_CHROME=true
     - KEEP_ALIVE=true
     - ENABLE_CORS=true
     - ENABLE_DEBUGGER=false
     - SCREEN_WIDTH=1280
     - SCREEN_HEIGHT=1024
     - SCREEN_DEPTH=16
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