Browserless docker throws error with selenium4

This issue has been tracked since 2022-05-21.

Describe the bug

Selenium is not able to connect to browserless

To Reproduce

Start docker as `:

docker pull browserless/chrome:1-arm64
docker run -p 3000:3000 browserless/chrome

Then run selenium code as :

const {Builder, Browser, By, Key, until, Capabilities} = require('selenium-webdriver');

(async function example() {
    const chromeCapabilities =;
      'chromeOptions', {
        args: [

  let driver = new Builder()
  .usingServer('http://localhost:3000/webdriver') // <-- Apply usingServer and that's it
  try {
    await driver.get('');
    await driver.findElement('q')).sendKeys('webdriver', Key.RETURN);
    await driver.wait(until.titleIs('webdriver - Google Search'), 1000);
  } finally {
    await driver.quit();

Reproducible project :


Expected behavior

SHould be able to connect as expected



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Additional context

Logs :


joelgriffith wrote this answer on 2022-05-23

Unfortunately this is related to #2004. Sadly, this is to say, that M1 mac's can't run this docker image just yet. It's a longer story as to why that is (mostly that Google doesn't build ARM compatible chromedriver binaries for Ubuntu), and the images out there that do have chromedriver support for m1 are using a quite-old version of chromium that will likely break at some point.

Closing due to this being a duplicate, but likely won't be able to fix in the near future.

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