Browser does not connect when trying to connect with Playwright

This issue has been tracked since 2022-10-15.

Describe the bug
My connection with Playwright runs successfully but the browser version is not logged nor does it take a screenshot. I think the connection gets disconnected?

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Run playwright and try to connect to browserless chrome (both on localhost and deployed AWS Elastic Beanstalk)

Expected behavior
It connects but it does not log the browser version or take the screenshot.


  • Browserless/chrome latest
  • Playwright 1.27

Additional context
const { chromium } = require("playwright");

(async () => {
const browser = await chromium.connect("ws://[ENV]");
console.log(await browser.version());
const page = await browser.newPage();
await page.goto("");
console.log(await page.title());
await page.screenshot({ path: "example!!1.png" });
await browser.close();

Log outputs after running the code above:
2022-10-15T13:49:52.607Z browserless:job 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: /: Inbound WebSocket request.
2022-10-15T13:49:52.608Z browserless:hardware Checking overload status: CPU 1% Memory 49%
2022-10-15T13:49:52.609Z browserless:job 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: Adding new job to queue.
2022-10-15T13:49:52.609Z browserless:server Starting new job
2022-10-15T13:49:52.610Z browserless:system Generating fresh chrome browser
2022-10-15T13:49:52.610Z browserless:job 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: Getting browser.
2022-10-15T13:49:52.611Z browserless:chrome-helper Launching Chrome with args: {
"args": [
"blockAds": false,
"dumpio": false,
"headless": true,
"stealth": false,
"ignoreDefaultArgs": false,
"ignoreHTTPSErrors": false,
"pauseOnConnect": false,
"playwright": false,
"playwrightVersion": "1.27",
"userDataDir": "/tmp/browserless-data-dir-Un00qH",
"meta": {
"protocol": null,
"slashes": null,
"auth": null,
"host": null,
"port": null,
"hostname": null,
"hash": null,
"search": null,
"query": {},
"pathname": "/",
"path": "/",
"href": "/"
"executablePath": "/usr/bin/google-chrome",
"handleSIGINT": false,
"handleSIGTERM": false,
"handleSIGHUP": false
2022-10-15T13:49:52.745Z browserless:chrome-helper Chrome PID: 410
2022-10-15T13:49:52.746Z browserless:chrome-helper Finding prior pages
2022-10-15T13:49:52.818Z browserless:chrome-helper Found 1 pages
2022-10-15T13:49:52.819Z browserless:chrome-helper Setting up page Unknown
2022-10-15T13:49:52.819Z browserless:chrome-helper Injecting download dir "/usr/src/app/workspace"
2022-10-15T13:49:52.820Z browserless:system Chrome launched 210ms
2022-10-15T13:49:52.820Z browserless:system Got chrome instance
2022-10-15T13:49:52.821Z browserless:job 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: Starting session.
2022-10-15T13:49:52.822Z browserless:job 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: Proxying request to /devtools/browser route: ws://
2022-10-15T13:49:52.823Z browserless:chrome-helper Setting up file:// protocol request rejection
2022-10-15T13:49:52.888Z browserless:server 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: Recording successful stat and cleaning up.
2022-10-15T13:49:52.889Z browserless:job 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: Cleaning up job
2022-10-15T13:49:52.889Z browserless:job 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: Browser not needed, closing
2022-10-15T13:49:52.889Z browserless:chrome-helper Shutting down browser with close command
2022-10-15T13:49:52.890Z browserless:job 6GELTUFJIOH886TJEINYGBVSUI8V3TG1: Browser cleanup complete.
2022-10-15T13:49:52.890Z browserless:server Current workload complete.
2022-10-15T13:49:52.890Z browserless:chrome-helper Sending SIGKILL signal to browser process 410
2022-10-15T13:49:52.921Z browserless:chrome-helper Removing temp data-dir /tmp/browserless-data-dir-Un00qH
2022-10-15T13:49:52.926Z browserless:chrome-helper Garbage collecting and removing listeners
2022-10-15T13:49:52.939Z browserless:chrome-helper Temp dir /tmp/browserless-data-dir-Un00qH removed successfully

zkschmitz wrote this answer on 2022-10-18

Nevermind! Needed to add the /playwright in the URL on the request

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