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Is there a way to tell browserless chrome to allow all cookies or set a specific?
I got this problem: dgtlmoon/

Its running in a docker container on unraid.

andyMrtnzP wrote this answer on 2022-10-18

Puppeteer allows setting cookies fairly easily.

const cookies = [
  {name: 'cookie1', value: 'hello', domain: ''},
  {name: 'cookie2', value: 'world', domain: ''},

await page.setCookie(...cookies);

If you are using browserless' HTTP APIs, you can set cookies as well, sending them on the JSON payload:

  "url": "", 
  "cookies": [
    {"name": "cookie", "value": "hello world", "domain": ""}

Though there's no way to set or get HTTP-only cookies. We recommend checking our blogpost about handling session data.

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