Expose /pressure also in Prometheus Metrics

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Currently browserless internal metrics are only exposed on /pressure. It would be great to include them in /prometheus

Describe the solution you'd like
expose browserless metrics like:

// http://localhost:3400/pressure
  "pressure": {
    "date": 1665761298012,
    "reason": "",
    "message": "",
    "isAvailable": true,
    "queued": 0,
    "recentlyRejected": 0,
    "running": 1,
    "maxConcurrent": 10,
    "maxQueued": 10,
    "cpu": 5,
    "memory": 63

goal would be to get metrics like:

  • browserless_queued
  • browserless_recently_rejected
  • browserless_running
  • browserless_max_concurrent
  • browserless_max_queued
  • browserless_cpu
  • browserless_memory

#381 was a nice start but only exposed the node metrics.

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