Can't Play H.264 MP4 Videos

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How can i play video H.264 MP4. When i checked on Current Sessions, video cant play.

Example video url:

Thank you.

Failed to play the associated resource because it is not supported by this browser. Equivalent to the HTML5 MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED mediaError.

andyMrtnzP wrote this answer on 2023-02-08

Sorry for the delay on this. You should be able to play them using chrome:stable:

import puppeteer from "puppeteer-core";

const sleep = (ms) => new Promise((res) => setTimeout(res, ms));

const browser = await puppeteer.connect({
  browserWSEndpoint: "ws://localhost:3000",

const page = await browser.newPage();
await page.goto(``, {
  waitUntil: "networkidle0",
await sleep(3000);
await page.screenshot({ path: `H.264-${}.jpg` });
await browser.close();

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