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Describe the bug

in docs

Let's take a peek at what was generated. There are two new files:

The first file was generated by protoc-gen-connect-es and contains the service:

import { SayRequest, SayResponse } from "./eliza_pb.js";
import { MethodKind } from "@bufbuild/protobuf";

import { SayRequest, SayResponse } from "./eliza_pb.js";

should be

import { SayRequest, SayResponse } from "./eliza_pb";


import { SayRequest, SayResponse } from "./eliza_pb.ts";

Environment (please complete the following information):

  • @bufbuild/connect-web 0.7.0 / 0.8.0
  • @bufbuild/connect 0.7.0 / 0.8.0
timostamm wrote this answer on 2023-02-25

If you want to write TypeScript with ECMAScript modules that works on Node.js and other environments, you have to use a .js extension in import paths to .ts files. See this lengthy explanation.

This is also reflected in the code we generate. You can change or remote the extension in generated import paths with this option if you prefer.

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