bug(dia.Paper): browser context menu appears when using paper events since version 3.6.

This issue has been tracked since 2022-11-14.

Discussed in #1890

Originally posted by chrismag87 November 14, 2022
Before I upgraded JointJS+ to 3.6, (I was on 3.5) when the user right clicked an element or cell, the browsers' context menu would not appear. This is the code that worked:

'element:contextmenu': (cellView: any, evt: any) => {
    // The action after right click 
    //  Opens up a mat dialog

Since this has started happening after the update, I have added this line to try and prevent it from appearing:

 'element:contextmenu': (cellView: any, evt: any) => {
    // The action after right click 
    //  Opens up a mat dialog

But to no prevail, can anyone add any light to this?

I cannot guarantee it is rappid but the fact it happens when right clicking the elements/cells leads me to think it is to do with the upgrade.


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