stick with integer steps when all values are integers

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A really common case I run into is setting a value to an integer and adding a slider with min/max. When all three of those are integers, it's awkward that sliding will result in floats. I feel like if value,min, and max are all integers, the nicest default would be step: 1 so that it keeps nice round numbers when sliding. (And if people want more granularity they can opt-in instead.)

Please consider adding this! And thanks for the awesome package.

cocopon wrote this answer on 2022-05-10

Thank you for using Tweakpane.

I think that many parameters are continuous values and setting steps automatically would be an unexpected behavior for many users.

I have been confused many times by this type of well-meant default settings in bloated software.

cocopon wrote this answer on 2022-05-17

Feel free to reopen the issue if you have any updates.

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