Simulate Node Drop on Parent

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I'm curious how I can simulate a node being dropped on a parent node as I can't find a good way to allow a user to re-order sibling nodes.

So-far I've figured out how to get the parent and siblings and then swap two in an array, even iterate each and trigger the same nodedrop.orgchart on each from an actual drop however this has no visual effect. I've even tried removing and re-adding the nodes but it doesn't work when children have children (the drag/drop feels smoother anyway).

Current logic means I can still add left/right node ordering arrows to each node but each move would force a refresh of the chart... Does anyone know of a way to simulate dropping a node on its parent or to customize order live?

acidnine wrote this answer on 2021-01-11

I figured out how to get it done in a different (but still functional) kind of way.. jsfiddle here:

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