Bug: 500 errors in business manager UFAC flow

This issue has been tracked since 2022-08-31.

I've been getting 500 errors from an API endpoint (https://business.facebook.com/accountquality/ufac/?decision_id=2258158507685914) in business manager, which is preventing me from successfully completing an ID check verification.

Tagging the entire org (@facebook) because we've been trying to get support as paying customers by using feedback forms for almost a month now, with no reply whatsoever.
We've paid facebook thousands of dollars in ads, and we intend to pay more for the ad campaign in September for our new dance school in Ferrara (Italy): we rely almost exclusively on Facebook ads to get clients, and without it we might as well close business.

A few years ago you could even schedule a call with representatives, which helped us more than once with facebook-side bugs: now every contact form seems to end up in /dev/null.
Please, we would really like to get some feedback either through this issue, [email protected] or +393924682693.


Steps To Reproduce

  1. Upload ID as requested.
  2. 5 minutes pass, the ID verification fails and the day counter skips from 30 days to 0 days.
  3. Add another admin, and make them upload the other ID as requested.
  4. Click on "Continue Request" button.

The current behavior

A server-side 500 error with no pop-up or visible UI reaction after pressing the "Continue Request" button.

The expected behavior

ID verification and account unban, or an explanation for why is the ID being refused.

gaearon wrote this answer on 2022-09-04

I understand the frustration, but please don't use an unrelated open source project tracker to report bugs in a product.

gaearon wrote this answer on 2022-09-04

(I'll try to ping somebody but can't promise a resolution)

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