Parsing youtube rss feed missing alot of data

This issue has been tracked since 2021-11-19.

if you parse a youtube rss feed using

const feed = htmlparser2.parseFeed(, {xmlMode:true});

the returned feed object omits a lot of the data. Using the Linus Tech Tips channel as an example:

you can recreate this by pasting that url in the browser (or console.log(res)) and then comparing that to whats returned by the feed.

I couldn't find detailed docs on parseFeed so sorry if I'm just missing some options.
the readme mentioned using node-feedparser as it is better maintained but there has been not commits for over a year, so I didnt try it.

fb55 wrote this answer on 2021-11-19

Hi @whathappenedman, I'm super happy accept patches that add missing entry aliases. Have a look at the domutils module for the code of the feed parser.

whathappenedman wrote this answer on 2021-11-22

ok will check it out. you can close this in the meant time if youd like

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