why build scripts contain `echo '{\"type\":\"module\"}' > lib/esm/package.json`

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Is it possible to remove it or add the name field in the package ?

hanzebang wrote this answer on 2022-07-14

I found this package when I looked it up with pkg-up

fb55 wrote this answer on 2022-07-14

This is needed for htmlparser2 to be available both from require() calls and import statements.

Could you elaborate your use-case for the package name? For debugging purposes, the path should be much more helpful.

hanzebang wrote this answer on 2022-07-14

We support users to configure which packages to use babel to compile by package name. The code is as follows:
Now we're ready to add logic to manually verify package.name to handle this, like this:

fb55 wrote this answer on 2022-08-03

Very interesting use case. Thankfully, your workaround seems perfect for this use-case 👍

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