When bundled, source maps are inlined rather than put in a separate file

This issue has been tracked since 2023-01-25.

To Reproduce

Please have a look at the example repository, where I was able to reproduce the behavior: https://github.com/apendua/htmlparser2-sourcemaps

Expected behavior

When bundle is generated, the source maps from htmlparser2 package should be included in a separate *.map.js file.

Describe the bug

The source maps are being inlined in the codebase. This is of course affecting the bundle size.


Version of Node.js:
Node v18.12.0

Operating System:
MacOS 12.5

Additional context:
I am using react-scripts, which relies on [email protected]. I haven't tried other bundlers yet, so it may just be specific to webpack.

I suspect that this is somehow related to sourceRoot parameter which is being passed to tsc here:


This behavior wasn't present in versions prior to that patch, e.g. 7.2.0 seems to be completely fine.


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fb55 wrote this answer on 2023-02-13

Hi @apendua, this is an interesting issue. I wouldn't know how to tackle this and it might be a good idea to raise this with the webpack team.

apendua wrote this answer on 2023-02-13


wouldn't know how to tackle this

As a matter of interest, why do you have to set sourceRoot while building for cjs to point to the repository path? I think that this is exactly what is directly contributing to the problem, because seeing this non-standard value WebPack probably thinks that the only way to properly ingrate source map with the codebase is to inline them.

fb55 wrote this answer on 2023-02-13

The source root points at the source files, which it is supposed to do. I know that webpack didn't support URLs for this initially and would show a warning, but it's great that they seem to be working on it. If something isn't working well, it's probably best to flag it to them.

apendua wrote this answer on 2023-02-13

@fb55 Thanks for your suggestion. This sounds reasonable to look into potential issues with webpack as well.

My only concern is that I have quite a libraries heavy project and really htmlparser2 is the only one that exposes this issue. So I am wondering if other packages are not even bothering about sourceRoot or perhaps they're just generating source maps quite differently. I think I will spend a bit more time next week trying to understand where this discrepancy is coming from.

fb55 wrote this answer on 2023-02-13

I think a lot of packages aren't including source maps because it isn't incredibly straight-forward. All of my packages use this pattern, and webpack's source-map-loader intends to support the pattern: webpack-contrib/source-map-loader#186. Reading this issue, it also seems like webpack will just forward the source map URL and not actually load files.

Looking at the file sizes, they don't seem particularly large: See https://unpkg.com/browse/[email protected]/lib/generated/ for the sizes as part of the entities module. Unfortunately an HTML parser needs to have a listing of all HTML entities, and this data takes about 47kb (which is already compressed a lot — see https://github.com/fb55/entities/blob/master/scripts/trie/README.md for some context).

Closing this here as there is nothing that can be done in this repo.

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