[Impeller] Remove TargetPlatform::kFlutterSPIRV in the shader compiler.

This issue has been tracked since 2022-09-22.

This was necessary when we had a runtime conversion from SPIRV to SKSL in the engine. But now, ImpellerC can generated SKSL directly. So there is no need to have this path which has optimizations disabled due to the incorrect OpPhi handling.

We should remove this and also enable optimizations in the generated SKSL that seem to be disabled for no reason even now.

chinmaygarde wrote this answer on 2022-09-23

cc @zanderso @dnfield @jonahwilliams. We should be able to get rid of this option and enabled SKSL optimizations now that we have an SKSL path right?

jonahwilliams wrote this answer on 2022-09-23

Yes, all of the tooling paths are converted to provided SkSL now.

zanderso wrote this answer on 2022-09-24

Even after this we may still need to play around with the backend options to avoid generating things SkSL doesn't support when optimizations are enabled: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/skia/issues/detail?id=13518.

chinmaygarde wrote this answer on 2022-09-24

Roger. Presumably, the SKSL processing at runtime will apply the same optimizations.

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