Mac-26 causes test flakes

This issue has been tracked since 2022-11-23.

The testbed has caused several Mac/ios tasks exceeding 2% flakes:

(Manually quarantined the bot)


stdout: [   +3 ms] Installing and launching... (completed in 20.2s)
[simple_animation_perf_ios] [STDOUT] stdout: [  +75 ms] executing: /opt/s/w/ir/x/w/recipe_cleanup/tmp_c0c__rn/flutter sdk/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin/dart test_driver/simple_animation_perf_test.dart -rexpanded
[simple_animation_perf_ios] [STDOUT] stdout: [        ] Registering signal handlers...
[simple_animation_perf_ios] [STDOUT] stderr: [+1484 ms] ../../runtime/vm/ 4698: error: Unable to use class _List len:7655 which is not loaded yet.
[simple_animation_perf_ios] [STDOUT] stderr: [        ] (dev) (Tue Nov 22 15:11:36 2022 -0800) on "macos_x64"
[simple_animation_perf_ios] [STDOUT] stderr: [        ] pid=55388, thread=10755, isolate_group=kernel-service(0x7f957a819000), isolate=kernel-service(0x7f957a826400)
[simple_animation_perf_ios] [STDOUT] stderr: [        ] os=macos, arch=x64, comp=no, sim=no
keyonghan wrote this answer on 2022-11-23
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