[in_app_purchase] There is a pending transaction for the same product identifier

This issue has been tracked since 2022-11-23.

This issue was closed, but not resolved.

The method offered is to add this:

      final transactions = await SKPaymentQueueWrapper().transactions();
      transactions.forEach((transaction) async {
        await SKPaymentQueueWrapper().finishTransaction(transaction);

However, SKPaymentQueueWrapper is not exposed by the lib.
How do we handle this issue?

exaby73 wrote this answer on 2022-11-24

Hello @agordeev. SKPaymentQueueWrapper is exposed by in_app_purchase_storekit here. You can add this package as a dependency and import it from there. Do remember to only call this on iOS and not other platforms as it may throw an error. Does this solve your issue?

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