I have a problem with Navigator

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════════ Exception caught by widgets library ═══════════════════════════════════
The following assertion was thrown building Overlay-[LabeledGlobalKey#0149a](state: OverlayState#40ae3(entries: [OverlayEntry#dff55(opaque: true; maintainState: false), OverlayEntry#a8e79(opaque: false; maintainState: true)])):
'package:flutter/src/widgets/framework.dart': Failed assertion: line 5334 pos 14: '_dependents.isEmpty': is not true.

Either the assertion indicates an error in the framework itself, or we should provide substantially more information in this error message to help you determine and fix the underlying cause.

The relevant error-causing widget was


exaby73 wrote this answer on 2022-11-24

Hi @Dramulas
This issue doesn't seem to describe a bug or a feature request. Please see https://flutter.dev/community for resources and asking questions like this,
you may also get some help if you post it on Stack Overflow and if you need help with your code, please see https://www.reddit.com/r/flutterhelp/
Closing, as this isn't an issue with Flutter itself. If you disagree, please write in the comments and I will reopen it.
Thank you

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