Group Tar output in github logs

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Currently, any job that uses google-github-actions/setup-gcloud gets spammed with the tar output of unpacking the gcloud archive. While this might sometimes be crucial for debugging, it's a real hassle when CI issues aren't related to setup-gcloud

Detailed design

_a la_ : 

echo ::group::GCloud tar unpack
/usr/bin/tar xz -v --warning=no-unknown-keyword --overwrite -C <tmp1> -f <tmp2>
echo ::endgroup::

### Additional information

This'd be really easy to do. I'd provide the PR if it'd be accepted
sethvargo wrote this answer on 2022-05-14

Hi @nyarly

Feel free to take a stab, but I'm fairly certain that log output comes from actions/tool-cache.

sethvargo wrote this answer on 2022-11-10

As mentioned above, this comes from actions/tool-cache.

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