Feature Request: Show Blocked CSS

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I fully recognise the need to block cross site CSS, and think that (by default) cross domain (or currently disallowed cross domain) should be blocked, but would it be possible (when it has been blocked) to?:

Show Blocked CSS In UI

((( Or perhaps have a slideout (left/right?) with CSS pulls from other domains? )))

Obviously I've just noticed this and honed it down to noscript (and fixed), but ideally I wouldn't want to just blanket allow CSS cross site, and would rather slowly build up a decent list for it. It's just hard to actually pinpoint that it's a CSS file causing the ruckus without delving in to devtools, etc.

I'm using Firefox, but hope that the ability to echo these notifications isn't super intensive and would translate to chromium based browsers, like Edge, or even Opera (can't think of any others🤷‍♀️), without too much trouble, too.

I mean ... I know now ... and will be OK ... but it might be silently annoying a fair few folk without them realising why a given site it breaking.

Keep up the good work (it really is amazing), I've interacted under another name on the forum and maybe here, but couldn't access that account here.


This isn't requested with any kind of entitlement, or expectation, fully just putting it out there as a suggestion. The annoying syntax of the phrase "Feature Request" isn't lost on me, I do prefer "Feature Suggestion" or something. :-)

Can't see where to add labels, so #FeatureRequest

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